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  Decheng International Group was established in June 2003. The headquarter is now located in Guangzhou Nansha Free Trade Zone. It focuses on the research and development, sales of motorcycles and accessories, and the construction of network channels. Decheng Hong Kong is the capital platform. Guangzhou Decheng Motorcycle Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group company composed of management platforms and overseas branches as marketing platforms.

The main business of Decheng International Group consists of three major segments of motorcycles, motorcycle accessories and automobiles, and covers the after-sales service and maintenance of motorcycles and automobiles. It has established its own after-sales maintenance network and implemented Decheng's products for free for life. Maintenance system.

The sales market of Decheng International Group is mainly distributed in Togo, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Benin, Guinea, and Brazil in South America in western Africa. It has 15 subsidiaries in seven West African countries and Brazil, 125 first-level agents, of which 83% are first-level agents who have cooperated for more than 5 years, and controlled more than 4,500 terminal sales outlets through wholesale, retail, and re-export methods. The coverage of outlets in the seven West African countries reached over 90%.

For the African and South American markets, the Group develops, designs, purchases, integrates and exports motorcycles, automobiles, and accessories in China. The branch companies engage in sales by establishing brand effects and expanding marketing networks. Decheng owns four independent brands of APSONIC, TSZ, PTT and REDFOX in West Africa and South America. Among them, APSONIC has become a well-known motorcycle brand among locals after more than a decade of development in West Africa. The brand was valued at 130 million in 2015. US dollars.

With the development and growth, the Group continuously introduces high-tech talents and information management systems, improves the capital structure, strengthens internal management, expands the scale of operations, integrates all resources inside and outside the enterprise, and eliminates "information silos" to conform to the development trend of informationization. With technology and quality as the core, independent brands and perfect sales channels as competitive advantages, with more comprehensive products and quality services, we can meet the needs of consumers at home and abroad.

APSONIC has been committed to providing quality goods to serve the society, and we will firmly fulfill our social responsibility. In the future, APSONIC will always accompany you, and always provide you with the highest quality and most professional services.
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