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(5-8 thousand / month)

Job responsibilities :

1. Participate in the company's related business needs analysis and understand the detailed requirements of the company's related business;

2. Development and production of data modeling and data analysis reports according to business needs;

3. Regularly check the data of each SAP BI report to ensure that the report data is accurate;

4. Optimize algorithm logic and data structure, improve report access and operation efficiency;

5.Maintain SAP BI and authority system management to ensure the health and safety of the system;

6. Other tasks arranged by superiors.

Requirements :

1. College degree or above, majoring in computer or related majors, with a relevant computer professional certificate is preferred;

2. Familiar with mainstream databases and SQL statements. Experience in SQL tuning is preferred;

3. Familiar with SAP BO report development, familiar with the use of BO UNIVERSE, Web Inteliigence and other tools, or relevant BI project experience is preferred;

4, easy-going and calm personality, with good stress resistance, learning ability and communication skills;

5, SAP ABAP foundation is preferred;

6, with certain business ability is preferred;

7, English level CET-4 or above.

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(10-15 thousand / month)

Job responsibilities :

1. Complete the report and function development of the FICO module of the company's ERP system according to business needs;
2. Maintenance, monitoring and optimization of development programs for development systems, test systems and production systems;
3. Participate in the promotion and online implementation of the FICO module of the enterprise's internal ERP system, and write various technical documents according to the project requirements;
4. With the cooperation of various business departments, it can complete the design, development, and testing of FICO module enhancement and interface projects;
5. SAP ERP system FICO module configuration and maintenance work;
6, complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

Requirements :

1. Experience in the implementation of ERP system related to the trade industry is preferred;
2. Have SAP ABAP development experience, understand BAPI, RFC and other SAP interface technologies are preferred;
3. Strong communication, collection, sorting, identification, and analysis capabilities for business needs; good at communication, good teamwork spirit, high sense of work responsibility and professionalism;
4. Have a strong willingness and ability to learn, good at researching new technologies and applying them to practical projects

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(100,000-150,000 / year)

Job responsibilities :

1. According to the company's development strategy, annual business plan and budget plan, preside over the corresponding IT support plan and review the technical support plan;

2. Organize the formulation and implementation of the company's major information technology decisions and information technology solutions, reduce the cost of information construction and improve the company's competitiveness;

3. Organize the implementation of the department's annual work plan, assign and supervise the completion of the annual task goals;

4. Monitor the operability and implementation of the information project process;

5. Sign safety discipline agreement with each administrator;

6.Complete the various tasks assigned by the company leaders temporarily;

7. Responsible for the supervision and audit of internal control work;

8. Fully preside over the company's informatization and technology management work.

Requirements :

1, 2 years of experience in leading software development projects;

2. Possess certain knowledge of enterprise management, familiar with IT software development and network maintenance knowledge;

3. Understand ERP and SAP system processes;

4. More than 5 years of enterprise information planning experiment experience, and more than 3 years of IT department management manager;

5. English requires CET-4.

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(7-12 thousand / month)

Job responsibilities :

● Human Resources Management Strategic Planning:

1. Assist the vice president to lead the formulation of the company's development strategy and annual business plan, and formulate corresponding human resources strategies and administrative management plans and goals;

2. Based on the company's strategic goals and human analysis, draw up human resources development plans, staffing levels and human costs;

3. Conduct company organization adjustment and analysis, guide and assist subordinates, departments and branches to formulate annual human resources plans, and evaluate their plan contents;

4. Analyze the supply and demand of company personnel and participate in the company's decision on major personnel issues;

5. In accordance with the company's development strategy, implement administrative and human resource management systems and processes, formulate budgets and plans, and effectively implement and manage.

● Coordination and management of human resources work:

1. Planning management: determine the company's human resources work quarterly and annual planning, do a good job of human resources team construction, system construction, target construction and organize supervision and implementation;

2. Recruitment and configuration management: According to the needs of the company and various departments, propose an internal staffing plan. Take the lead to do a good job in the staffing of various departments and branches of the company, and propose design and suggestions for the establishment of institutions and job responsibilities. Responsible for the recruitment, selection and management of company executives. Establish talent selection plan and talent reserve mechanism, and implement recruitment through scientific channels;

3. Training and development: Establish and optimize the company's training system; formulate the company's annual training plan, supervise employee training organization and process management, and ensure the implementation of the training management system;

4. Performance management: design company performance appraisal plan, promotion policy and organize implementation. Evaluate the results of company performance implementation and provide improvement plans;

5. Remuneration and benefit management: Evaluate the company's remuneration status, design the company's remuneration system, formulate remuneration policies and incentive measures, and implement and adjust them. Formulate the company's labor cost budget and monitor its implementation. Review the employment, changes and salary standards of employees;

6. Management of labor relations: Establish healthy employee communication channels, and propose improvement plans for employee opinions. Build and promote the company's corporate culture, enhance corporate image and employee satisfaction;

7. Regularly collect and collect information on recruitment, training, assessment, salary and other aspects to provide information support for the company's major personnel decisions;

8. Strengthen liaison with government departments and labor and personnel departments to ensure that the company has a good working relationship with external parties;

9. Improve the management of the company's various human resources rules and regulations, employee manuals, employee labor contracts, confidentiality agreements, competition restrictions agreements, personnel files, etc., and supervise the formulation and revision of corresponding systems and process standards;

10. Examination and approval of various personnel statements, attendance, cost estimates, reimbursement, etc.

Requirements :

1. Have a systematic understanding and practice of the human resources management model of modern enterprises, familiar with the daily management workflow of human resources; strategic planning of human resources, introduction of talents, salary and benefit design, performance incentive evaluation, employee training, employee career design Has a wealth of practical experience;

2. Familiar with the laws and regulations and policies of the state and enterprises on contract management, salary system, employment mechanism, insurance benefits and training;

3. Possess excellent communication and coordination skills, and strong language and writing skills;

4, have the ability to solve complex problems, have the ability to work independently and good ability to promote work;

5. Possess good motivation and team leadership, strong sense of responsibility and career, and good management and decision-making capabilities;

6. Work experience: more than 5 years of human resources work experience, and more than 2 years of management work experience (with foreign trade business experience is preferred).

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(0.5-1 million / month)

Job responsibilities :

1. Responsible for the company's daily publicity, planning, design and production;

2. Advertising graphic design, production and other graphic processing; design, production and innovation of corporate publicity materials;

3.Assist overseas / other department personnel to complete the design work smoothly;

4.Assist the deputy director of the enterprise-Africa to establish specifications to maintain design implementation standards;

5. Use its industry background and knowledge to effectively control costs in design and production.

Requirements :

1. College degree or above in graphic design, quick thinking, novel and clear design ideas. Familiar with various drawing software such as Photoshop, Coreldraw, Indesign, llustrator, etc .;

2. Have POP, hanging flags, posters, wall packaging design, albums, and promotional print design, VI design, renderings creative design experience and finished products;

3. Novel design concept, outstanding image and color expressiveness, able to independently design and produce corporate VI? Series and store terminal advertising images;

4. Know the interior decoration display design of general stores and be proficient in using related equipment;

5. Familiar with post-production processes such as printing, inkjet retouching, and drawing modification;

6. Familiar with advertising shooting process and related work and have rich practical experience;

7. Possess rich experience in marketing promotion planning practice.

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(4-4.5 thousand / month)

Job responsibilities :

1. Responsible for the accounting of branch business and assist overseas branches to establish and improve the accounting system;

2. Collect and allocate various costs and expenses, conduct cost analysis of the company according to the cost composition and historical occurrence, and form a cost analysis report;

3. Correctly calculate various incomes, check the detailed accounts of sales transactions, and ensure that the accounts are consistent and the accounts are consistent;

4. Responsible for accounts receivable, accounts received in advance, accounts payable, prepaid accounts transactions to ensure that the transactions are correct;

5. Calculate and analyze profit data and urge the realization of budget goals;

6. Responsible for registering accounting books, preparing and submitting various financial statements;

7. Responsible for conducting financial analysis and providing decision support to the company's operations and management;

8. Matters arranged by other companies

Requirements :

1. Professional qualifications in accounting-related majors and above, not limited to men and women;

2. More than one year of accounting related work experience, industrial work experience is preferred, and outstanding fresh graduates are considered;

3. Familiar with tax law, tax business and financial related knowledge, proficient in using financial software, EXCEL, WORD and other office software, SAP will be preferred;

4, have strong logical thinking ability, judgment, interpersonal communication skills, good professional ethics and teamwork

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(0.5-1 million / month)

Job responsibilities :

1. Responsible for basic financial work of overseas branches;
2. Responsible for preparing regular statements, analyzing financial data, and putting forward financial opinions on branch management;
3. Responsible for the branch's local tax-related work, familiar with local tax regulations, respond to local tax inspections, and submit tax risk reports;
4. Assist the finance department of the headquarters to manage the funds of the branch and the financial risks of overseas subsidiaries, including the major asset KPI customers;
5. Assist the finance department of the headquarters to establish the overseas branch's financial and internal control system, standardize the work process, and supervise the implementation of various systems;
6.Responsible for other tasks arranged by the branch manager and the financial department of the headquarters

Requirements :

1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting, finance and other related majors, with at least 2 years of work experience, accountant qualification above junior level is preferred;
2. College English level 4 and above, proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing;
3. Skilled in using financial software and proficient in office software;
4. Good learning ability, independent working ability and financial analysis ability;
5, meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, team spirit;
6. Long-term assignment to Africa, personnel with overseas experience are preferred

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