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Quality products

Each product of the APSONIC brand is based on customers, devotes to research and development, and creates higher quality and higher safety products for customers is our business attitude! We have been committed to providing customers with the best experience as the direction of research and development, the pursuit of perfect details and excellence.

AP150T-6 scooter
  • The unique turn signal design enhances the overall aesthetics of the vehicle.
  • All-inclusive strap adjustment, can change the spring stiffness, and has good shock absorption effect.
  • Silent muffler, bright white chrome appearance, good mute effect.
  • Stronger power and lower fuel consumption, using the new C series dual-clutch engine.

Quality certification

Technical Parameters

AP150T-6 basic technical parameters
AP150T-6 Model name AP150T-6
AP150T-6 Model AP150T-6
1930*820*1140mm Dimensions (mm) 1930 * 820 * 1140mm
Wheelbase (mm)
108kg Ground clearance (mm) 108kg
680mm Sitting height (mm) 680mm
150kg Curb weight (Kg) 150kg
5.5L Fuel tank capacity (L) 5.5L
90Km/h Fuel tank capacity (Km / h) 90Km / h
APSONIC has been committed to providing quality goods to serve the society, and we will firmly fulfill our social responsibility. In the future, APSONIC will always accompany you, and always provide you with the highest quality and most professional services.
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