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Bonne Qualité Pour Meilleure Vie — By Apsonic

Since entering the African market, APSONIC has been adhering to the spirit of "based on morals and established business with sincerity". Through more than ten years of operation and expansion, APSONIC has become a well-known local motorcycle brand while also bearing its due social responsibility. responsibility. In the past 10 years, the company has donated materials to orphanages and police stations in Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo and Burkina Faso for many times. The donation and donation activities of the Chinese Entrepreneurs Charity Federation held at the Togolese Embassy were highly praised by Ambassador Liu Yuxi, and Xinhua News Agency also followed up the report. APSONIC's cumulative charitable donations in Africa in the form of donations and donations reached 10 million yuan.

Such as the charity donation of the Ivorian orphanage of Bovacé:

On December 23, 2015, Christmas was approaching, and the APSONIC Cote branch came to the Bouaké orphanage to send them Christmas gifts, including rice, cooking oil, children's toys, and so on. The Cote branch responded to the call of the head office and paid attention to the society while developing itself. It regularly carried out charity activities and sent care to the local area. In August, the Cote branch made a charitable donation to the Bouaké Orphanage, which was praised by the Chinese Embassy and the local government. Our charity was also published in the local «Fraternité matin» newspaper. The charity activities not only promoted the APSONIC brand, let more people pay attention to the AP brand, but also let consumers know that we are a socially responsible company, and know how to repay the society and serve the society

● At the charity event, everyone was filled with happy smiles.
● Yiying love materials represent Decheng's dedication and efforts for charity.

This charitable donation is a continuation of our service to society, and more charitable activities will be launched in the future. 我们也将为之奋斗到底。 It is incumbent on us to develop a brand image and pay attention to the lives of African people, and we will fight for it to the end. 对我们最大的肯定。 The whole staff of the orphanage welcomed our arrival and praised us for their kindness. The children took a group photo with us very enthusiastically, and their smiles were our greatest affirmation.

At Christmas and New Year, all employees of the Cote branch wish the children healthy growth and happiness! APSONIC品牌越做越好,更上一层楼。 I also wish our APSONIC brand to become better and better.

APSONIC has been committed to providing quality goods to serve the society, and we will firmly fulfill our social responsibility. In the future, APSONIC will always accompany you, and always provide you with the highest quality and most professional services.
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